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WiFi radiator valves

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by robgul, Jan 2, 2021 at 8:07 AM.

  1. robgul

    robgul Active Member

    I'm keen to try and fit rad valves with individual time controls (e.g. bedrooms off during the day)

    At the moment I have Hive working with a boiler and HW tank. That all works perfectly with the Hive time controls and normal Drayton TRVs (although they seem to be the work of Satan in terms of control!)

    The Hive TRVs appear to have the functionality that I'm looking for BUT the user experience is dreadful - the things appear to be not fit for purpose and there's no sign of any improvement coming at any time soon.

    So - and I have been searching - are there any options that will do what I'm trying to achieve?
    I'm not going to ditch the Hive stuff - I'm happy to have a second method to control valves on just 4 or 5 of them. Running another hub isn't a problem if that's needed.
  2. adgjl yy4408午夜场理论片最新章节目录_yy4408午夜场理论片最新 yy4408午夜场理论片最新章节目录_yy4408午夜场理论片最新 ,爱脸红的岳吴芬最新章节目录_爱脸红的岳吴芬最新章节目录 爱脸红的岳吴芬最新章节目录_爱脸红的岳吴芬最新章节目录

    adgjl New Member

    You could look at fitting Honeywell Evohome instead of the Hive. With TRVs on all radiators, you can heat just a single room. You can set the “controller” with its touch screen or via an app, to either programme a schedule or set zones on/off or set the whole system to a predefined temperature. Each TRV can call for heat from the controller, and the controller calls for heat from the boiler when one or more TRV or the Hot Water Cylinder requests it. Not the cheapest, but works very well.
  3. DIY0001

    DIY0001 Active Member

    Why would anyone want battery powered rad valves? :eek:

    Its bad enough when the smoke alarms start beeping - running round the house at 3 in the morning trying to find which one has the low battery, only to find its one of the carbon monoxide alarms that's keeping me awake! :mad:
  4. fred812

    fred812 Member

    I've just put in Hive Active Heating, ie the thermostat, and its working great. Like you I have manual TRV's that are doing a job and I'm leaving it that way for the time being. As far as I can see having monitored other forums, there are issues with all the WiFi controlled valves to some degree. A good proportion are people that haven't got a clue and no fault of the technology, but it has to be said a good proportion of genuine problems remain. Whatever you choose its not cheap and the technology not perfect IMHO.
  5. adgjl

    adgjl New Member

    My Honeywell system broke even towards the end of the second year, with savings in oil bills. The TRVs do have batteries, but last between 2 and 3 years. Low batteries are announced on the controller screen.
  6. fred812

    fred812 Member

    One of the things to watch for I think, is that if you install non Hive TRV's but keep the Hive thermostat then you will lose the Heat on Demand feature. Basically HOD is a feature you can enable, where if there is a demand at the TRV it forces the main stat to a higher temperture, putting the heating on and meeting the demand. Of course any other radiator with a demand will heat up too.
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  7. robgul

    robgul Active Member

    Sorry - I got lost half-way through what you were saying!

    All I want the wifi valves to do really is switch on and off with timed sessions so I can isolate rooms I don't want to heat at certain times of the day (and when on just to be at whatever temperature I set them at)
  8. fred812

    fred812 Member

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    Yes understood, but a big feature that the Hive TRV's offer in addition to the traditional ability to limit heat, is (when paired with Hive stat) the ability to call for heat. So if a room with a Hive TRV falls below its set temperature it can switch the heating on. Maybe you don't need that, I'm just trying to ensure that you make your decision with that knowledge.

    Sorry previous post, it was a bit rushed.
  9. MGW

    MGW Screwfix Select

    I have 4 x Energenie MiHome TRV heads and 5 x eQ-3 bluetooth heads, and I would say the cheap eQ-3 are better, so comparing.
    Energenie control any where in world.
    Energenie need a hub.
    Energenie very limited local control.
    Energenie no report as to if travel is enough.
    Energenie no report if pin sticks.
    Energenie no ability to set own personal eco and comfort settings.
    Energenie shows both target and current temperature on software.
    Energerie has two temperature senders and compensates for heat of radiator.
    Energneie has OTT anti hysteresis software and takes a long time to reach target.
    eQ-3 control only local some versions not even bluetooth.
    eQ-3 does not need a hub.
    eQ-3 all control can be done local no need for phone or PC to set.
    eQ-3 F3 report travel too small.
    eQ-3 F1 valve drive sluggish.
    eQ-3 F2 actuating range too wide.
    eQ-3 only shows target temperature does not show current.
    eQ-3 set own your own personal eco and comfort settings.
    eQ-3 open window settings to turn off heat if room get cool quick when door or window to outside opened, adjustable time.
    The Energenie cost around £38.50 each and eQ-3 bluetooth I got for £15 each and non blue tooth £10 each.

    There may be some rooms where you want expensive Hive TRV heads as it can send a "Demand for heat" but in the main the cheaper eQ-3 or Terrier i30 will likely do just as good as a job.

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